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Translated by Levi Bookin:

Memoirs of the House of Brandenburg: by Frederick the Great

Written by Levi Bookin:

Who Is A Jew?

Survivors' Tales:

1. The Man Who Never Spoke

2. My Neighbor

Who Saves One Life: Two Heroines.

Compiled by Levi Bookin:

Out of Their Own Mouths: Nazi evidence for the prosecution.

Edited by Levi Bookin:

What Happened Today?: A Timeline

Adolf Hitler: From ancestry to the outbreak of the Great War. (In preparation: Hitler's First War)

The Last Days of the Third Reich

In the Shadow of Frederick the Great

Countdown to Infamy: Timeline to Pearl Harbor

Hitler's Battleship: Sink the Bismark!

Hitler's General: Alfred Jodl

Grand Admiral Erich Raeder

Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz

The Infamous Julius Streicher

Wunderwaffen: Hitler's Deception and the History of Rocketry

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