The Lewis Family


1771 Isabella Lewis: our earliest known ancestor was born in Amsterdam in about this year. Her maiden name, husband's full name and origin, date of arrival in the United Kingdom, are all unknown. The only issue known to us was Elizabeth, later to marry Michael Hyams, Senr [see below].

1841 Isabella was at Ropers Buildings [the Hyams family home] when she claimed on the Census Return to be 80 y.o.a., which is probably inaccurate; the entry is difficult to read, but she seemed to be a widow at this date.

1851 Isabella did not appear at Ropers Buildings, although an Elizabeth Lewis, aged 60‑-not to be confused with Isabella's married daughter‑-was recorded.

1861 Isabella does not appear in the Census and, unless she had moved elsewhere, she probably died between 1851-1861. It has not proved practicable to trace her death, because there are many entries in the same name, during the period.

Her married name, Lewis, was possibly an anglicisation of Levy, but there is no confirmation of this, because her daughter Elizabeth was born in England, before registration was introduced. The identity of Mr. Lewis is therefore problematic.


1811 Elizabeth Lewis: daughter of Isabella and ? Lewis, was born in London in about this year.

1831 Elizabeth's first son was born, the first record relating to her. At some stage before this, she would have been married to Michael Hyams, and her remaining history is dealt with together with his.

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