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Table of Contents: December 8, 1941
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Edition: U.S.
Vol. XXXVIII No. 23
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THE PRESIDENCY: Battle Stations (National Affairs / THE PRESIDENCY)

THE CRISIS: Showdown on the Far East (National Affairs / THE CRISIS)

National Affairs: The Pain of Manuel Quezon (National Affairs)

National Affairs: Price Mouse (National Affairs)

National Affairs: There Ought to Be a Law! (National Affairs)

National Affairs: Pensions Again (National Affairs)

National Affairs: Food for the Other Fellows (National Affairs)

National Affairs: Still Inconceivable (National Affairs)

LABOR: Fay Strikes Again (National Affairs / LABOR)

FARMERS: More Tractors Wanted (National Affairs / FARMERS)

FOREIGN RELATIONS: Bullitt to the Near East (National Affairs / FOREIGN RELATIONS)

National Affairs: Messersmith to Mexico (National Affairs)

National Affairs: The Man from Kuibyshev (National Affairs)

ILLINOIS: The Innocents (National Affairs / ILLINOIS)

CIVIL LIBERTIES: Red's Knight (National Affairs / CIVIL LIBERTIES)

CRIME: Pony Beater (National Affairs / CRIME)

GEORGIA: Gene Dropped It (National Affairs / GEORGIA)

TERRITORIES: Gold Rush 1941 (National Affairs / TERRITORIES)

FRANCE: Journey Into the Night (Foreign News / FRANCE)

JAPAN: Artistic Question (Foreign News / JAPAN)

Foreign News: The People Wait (Foreign News)

OCCUPIED EUROPE: Heirs to Attila (Foreign News / OCCUPIED EUROPE)

Foreign News: Down with Scavenius! (Foreign News)

ARGENTINA: Castillo v. Accion (Foreign News / ARGENTINA)

CHILE: The Wayfarer Advances (Foreign News / CHILE)

PANAMA: Under Control (Foreign News / PANAMA)

Foreign News: Civil Liberties in Pawn (Foreign News)

GREAT BRITAIN: Very Free Speech (Foreign News / GREAT BRITAIN)

CANADA: Native Son (Foreign News / CANADA)

LEBANON: Free Again (Foreign News / LEBANON)

World War: BATTLE OF THE DESERT: Hanging Fire (World War / BATTLE OF THE DESERT)

World War: What War Looks Like (World War)

World War: Tobruk, After 33 Weeks (World War)

World War: The Technique of Destruction (World War)

World War: All Gone? (World War)

World War: Death on the Approaches (World War)

World War: BATTLE OF RUSSIA: First Victory (World War / BATTLE OF RUSSIA)

World War: Unmaltreated Nobody (World War)

World War: BATTLE OF BRITAIN: Insistent Nuisance (World War / BATTLE OF BRITAIN)

World War: BATTLE OF ETHIOPIA: Empire's Last Pocket (World War / BATTLE OF ETHIOPIA)

ARMY: Second Battle of the Carolinas (National Defense / ARMY)

National Defense: Let There Be Water (National Defense)

National Defense: Tank Test (National Defense)

National Defense: Eagles to Chevrons (National Defense)

National Defense: New G-4 (National Defense)

AIR: Plane Figures (National Defense / AIR)

NAVY: Three Cs for the Seven Seas (National Defense / NAVY)

Aluminum Destroyers (National Defense)

Science: Nicotine Addict

Science: Wood Dust

Medicine: Why Stutter? (Medicine)

Medicine: Baby Boom (Medicine)

Medicine: Nose & Flu (Medicine)

The Press: A Disgusting Lie (The Press)

The Press: Oregonian Forges Ahead (The Press)

The Press: Knox Explains (The Press)

Religion: Grandest Vista

Religion: Interventionist Church

Religion: To See Is to Sin

Religion: Pulpits & the War

Religion: Denver Gets an Archbishop

Sport: Fresh Batch

Sport: Behind the Eight Ball

Sport: New Team, New Rules

Sport: Roles for Bowls

Search inside this issue:

WAR FRONT: SPAB, OPM & Chaos (Business & Finance / WAR FRONT)

Business & Finance: Troop Movement (Business & Finance)

PRICES: Ceiling for Autos (Business & Finance / PRICES)

PRIORITIES: Shaking Out the Lead (Business & Finance / PRIORITIES)

AGRICULTURE: Gang-Up jn the Lobby (Business & Finance / AGRICULTURE)

AVIATION: $26,000,000 for Later (Business & Finance / AVIATION)

Business & Finance: Vultee Swallows Fleet (Business & Finance)

SUBCONTRACTING: Columbus Columbus (Business & Finance / SUBCONTRACTING)

SALARIES: Threat, Freeze (Business & Finance / SALARIES)

CONSERVATION: Bridges, Book Ends & Blades (Business & Finance / CONSERVATION)

WALL STREET: Dropping the Inc. (Business & Finance / WALL STREET)

FOREIGN TRADE: Nostalgic Note (Business & Finance / FOREIGN TRADE)

Education: Religion on the Campus

Music: New Play in Manhattan, Dec. 8, 1941 (Music)

Music: Grown-Up Prodigy (Music)

Music: At the Met (Music)

Art: Dale's Dilemma (Art)

Art: Watson's Art Week (Art)

Art: Maillol's Women (Art)

Radio: FMNet (Radio)

Radio: Air Brains (Radio)

Radio: By Whom the New Is Tried (Radio)

Cinema: New Pictures (Cinema)

Books: When the Wall Crumbled (Books)

Books: Urbanity's Insanity (Books)

Books: Pioneer People (Books)

Books: Poetry, Dec. 8, 1941 (Books)

Miscellany, Dec. 8, 1941

Milestones, Dec. 8, 1941

People: People, Dec. 8, 1941

Letters, Dec. 8, 1941

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JULIAN FINN, of Australia's Museum Victoria, after underwater footage showed an octopus scooping up coconut shells before running away with them so they can later use the shells as shelters, the first documented example of tool use by the creatures